Friday, March 29, 2013

What's on you happy list?

So what's on your happy list?

I was sitting at home last night, watching the Millionaire Matchmaker and came up with a few of the "small" things that make me we go:

1) crisp, clean sheets on the bed
2) an empty dishwasher
3) a package at the front door (even if I know what it is because I ordered it!)
4) a new toothbrush
5) a hot shower after a cold swimming pool
6) reality television shows

Maybe the video is right and these ARE the best kinds of happy.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back from the dead

She's ALIVE, she's ALIVE! Not much to share, so I thought I'd list a few of my favorite websites. Some are indulgences, others are well written, and then others are, I don't know, just fun to be around:

1)  (indulgence)

2)  (indulgence/just fun to be around)

3)  (indulgence)

4) (well written/just fun to be around)

5) (indulgence)

And a video of our dog because he's indulgent, well written, and just fun to be around!