Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First post

Day one of my blogging adventure. So far so good. I'm here, blogging I guess, to remember the daily routines, the small stuff, the everyday things. So I thought I'd begin with my lifeline: THE calendar.

A paper calendar might be un-techie of me, but it keeps me happy. Crossing things off makes me happy. Though if my weekly days become unruly, I will redo them by using a custom-cut post-it note and rewriting my daily to-dos. See below.

On today's list: hit the ATM, Home Depot trip, dry cleaning pick-up, pack up a box to mail, cook dinner (Making the "Lazy Cook's Supper"--will share the recipe and its history tomorrow), and work on a craft project--a homemade bocce ball court for next week's beach trip.

I have my yearly calendars saved from 2007's sort of a journal, in a sense. I can tell you exactly what I was doing on May 3, 2009. Really, I can. On that note, I'm hitting the publish button. I like this.